Order Genuine Chevy Parts

Do you have a DIY project that you’re trying to get completed, but can’t find the right auto parts for your Chevy truck, car, or SUV? The parts department at Mike Anderson Chevy has access to the full catalog of genuine OEM parts direct from the manufacturer. Chain auto parts stores and local shops may have us beat when it comes to air fresheners and car shampoo, but they stock mostly generic or ‘no-name’ brand parts. We only carry the same parts that were installed on your Chevy when it was built at the factory. You didn’t buy a generic car, so don’t trust a generic brand.

If we don’t have your part in stock or you need a special order, our friendly staff will track down the auto parts you need to complete your project. Whether you need brake parts for a classic Camaro or wiring for a Chevy truck, our team can find the genuine parts your vehicle requires.

Are you ready to place your order for Genuine Chevy parts? Fill out our online parts order form and our team will contact you to confirm your order. Do you have questions about ordering from our parts center in Merrillville, IN? Contact our team through our online form or give us a call at 219-947-4151 to learn more.