Chesterton, IN, enjoys the Mike Anderson Merrillville Experience

Mike Anderson Chevrolet Merrillville

Chesterton, IN, named one of the top places in Indiana, deserves one of the top Chevrolet dealerships around. This is where Mike Anderson Merrillville comes in. We make the drive to us worthwhile because you are really highly unlikely to find anything close to what we will offer you. Our word, we understand, is sometimes not enough, but those of our extremely impressed clients could be. Our returning customers might just hold even more clout with you. The service just seems to get better with each visit, if our client testimonials are anything to go by. Five stars all around, this is how we do it. This is what you will get to experience with us, with each and every visit. Take some time out and come down here in person. We also believe that ‘Seeing is Believing’ and nothing makes a conversation more personal, then when it is done ‘face to face.’

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Vast Inventory like No Other!

We love cars. We love brand new cars even more. This is why we keep our dealership floors updated with the latest Chevrolet models as many of them as we can possibly hold. Different trim levels, different colors, different engine capacities, ‘you name it,’ and we most probably have it on hand. This also saves you from driving around aimlessly looking for your specific configuration. Let’s face it, convenience sells, and this is what we offer you. No need to spend countless hours on the phone, or sending an incessant amount of emails. All you have to do, is let us know exactly what you are looking for, and let us do the rest.

Our pre-owned vehicles give you the chance to own a great vehicle, at a brilliant price. Not everybody is able to supplement the purchase of a brand new car into their monthly budget. The benefit of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from us, is that you might actually think that it is brand new. We take the Chevrolet name seriously, and ours even more so. This should assure you that we will never sell you second rated vehicles. Our vehicle inspection process is stringent, and we don’t accept any sort of faults. Chevrolet is a great brand and we represent them to the highest standards.

Service Center & Specials

Sometimes a vehicle service can sneak up on us pretty quickly, and very unexpectedly. It is during these times that we begin questioning the importance of getting our vehicles serviced. Budget constraints are a huge contributing factor to this. Thankfully Mike Anderson Merrillville always has the answers, and the best ones at that. Specials across a vast range of vehicle services take away that anxiety of affordability. Truth be told, holding off on a service has a major expense factor attached to it. Add to this the detrimental effect that it has on your vehicle and all of the parts involved, and you will soon enough realize that it is not a wise decision. Let Mike Anderson Merrillville take care of your vehicles servicing requirements, at the best prices.

Get Pre-Approved!

We make applying for vehicle finance such a simple task. Simply find the vehicle that you love, visit our website, and fill out a quick online questionnaire. Mike Anderson Merillville knows that you don’t have hours to sit around playing with paperwork, and we will never expect that of you.

Why Buy From Us?

Mike Anderson Merrillville has been in this game for a number of years now, and we are confident to say that we are still learning. Every day is a new experience. New industry standards need to be adapted to, new types of clientele, new vehicle technologies. The list really does seem endless. What makes the difference though is that we are always willing to go through the learning process. This is how we bring you some of the best customer service in town.

Our staff compliment, from our sales personnel to our service department, to our finance team is always in training. We all need to keep up with the latest changes and trends to fully satisfy you. Your patronage means the world to us, and how we show that is through our ‘one of a kind,’ customer service.

Mike Anderson Merillville appreciates the community that we live in. We have a lot of respect for all of the individuals that has helped us to get to where we are today. This leads us to take an active role in assisting our community, in whichever way that we have the opportunity to.