2020 Chevy Traverse vs GMC Acadia

2020 Chevrolet Traverse vs the 2020 GMC Acadia

Are you ready to travel in comfort with your family? More space is the biggest reason that folks move up to a Chevy SUV, like the 2020 Chevy Traverse. But what if you don’t always need seating for seven? Should you choose a smaller model, such as the GMC Acadia?

While our team at Mike Anderson Chevrolet of Merrillville loves this Chevrolet SUV, we believe in the value of seeing the difference for yourself. Find out the details in our Chevy Traverse vs. GMC Acadia comparison.

More Space Equals Better Performance

The obvious difference between the 2020 Chevy Traverse and the 2020 GMC Acaida is that the Chevy Traverse seats up to eight people, while the GMC Acadia can only fit seven. Plus, the Chevy SUV’s longer length and broader track also enhance its stability and handling. The Chevrolet is 204.3 inches long, while the GMC Acadia measures at 193.4 inches. You’ll also get a wheelbase that’s over two inches wider.

To aid with handling, you’ll also get larger tires and wheels on the Chevy Traverse. That extra inch helps with your braking, handling, and rougher road conditions, as does the extra 0.4-inches of ground clearance.

Interior Passenger and Cargo Comforts

On the inside of the Chevy Traverse, you’ll appreciate the spacious interior, large roomy seating, and storage areas. Even if you take away the third row, the Chevy SUV still gives you more front shoulder and hip room along with extra hip room in the second row.

When it comes to hauling sports gear or luggage, you can’t beat the 2020 Chevy Traverse. Our Merrillville Chevy dealers find that our brand delivers more room for everything and everyone. When all the seats are folded, the Chevy Traverse offers 98.2 cubic feet of storage space, while the GMC Acadia only provides 74 cubic feet.

With the Chevy Traverse, you can also tow more with its 5,000-pound towing capacity versus the GMC Acadia SUV’s 4,000-pound capacity.

Visit Our Chevy Dealers in Merrillville

Of course, there are many more differences between the Chevy Traverse and the GMC Acadia. That’s why it’s essential to test drive various models and find out how they fit your family and lifestyle. In fact, you’ll find a full line-up of Chevrolet SUVs in Merrillville. Explore your options by scheduling a test drive at our Chevy dealership today.